Unbolting the seat itself

These steps assume the electric functions of the seat work

  1. Move the seat into the full forward position and also raise the seat cushion fully upwards
  2. You should now have easy access the 2 rear 10mm bolts
  3. Carefully loosen the plastic which is attached behind the seat in the middle carpeting (at the end of the bar; this part of the seat belt anchor). The trim cover slides forward to release (not out or you will break the clips)
  4. Loosen the 10mm bolt which secures the seat belt anchor bar
  5. Move the seat fully backwards and raise the seat cushion fully upwards
  6. On each side of the rail should be a plastic cover with a small circle hole. Use your finger to pull the cover carefully forward until it releases (may take some wiggling, but be patient as it’s brittle)
  7. You should now have easy access to the two front 10mm bolts

At this point, the seat is no longer bolted in and can be moved. There is wiring connected though.

Disconnecting the seat wiring

  1. Lean the seat backwards, so that you have easy access to the underside
  2. Pull the carpet trim cover towards you (it’s wrapped around a bar) and it should come loose, revealing the wiring. If you want to remove the carpet piece completely, there are 2 small springs that are hooked over the cross-bar underneath.
  3. The plug connectors should now be visible. There are 3 main plugs and some smaller wires
  4. (optional, but recommended) Disconnect the battery to prevent shorting
  5. Disconnect the wiring
    • Coupes (and cars with the orthopedic seat option) will have a vacuum line that will need to be disconnected
    • Use a flat blade screwdriver to assist releasing the main plug connectors (my car had three) as they are usually tight to raise up. Get the blade under the plug to assist ease it up.
    • Some wires (my car had two) will have a connector down by the carpet. You can pull this assembly up (out of the metal bracket/clip) and then unplug it
    • There will be a red connector (attached to the seat by a clip) which you can slide out and (using a flat blade screw driver or pliers if needed) disconnect

Physically removing the seats

  1. Lay some padding of foam or blanket over the door opening to avoid scratching the lower trim
  2. Fold the seat back forwards into the compressed position and grab the seat by the inner side edge and the near front edge and virtually lift it out using my knees to balance the seat and carefully extract it and once out with it balanced on my knees i walk it out and ease it down on to ground. If you are not strong or confident then best have two people to remove the seat with one in the car assisting from the other side.

More info

Mercedes-Benz service manual procedure

  • 91-100 Removal and installation of driver’s seat
  • 91-110 Removal and installation of front passenger’s seat
  • 91-115 Removal and installation of vacuum element for driver’s or front passenger’s seat (coupe)
  • 91-119 Removal and installation of vacuum switch for driver’s seat backrest (coupe)
  • 91-165 Removal and installation, reconditioning of folding armrest for driver’s seat
  • 91-170 Removal and installation of rear seat cushion and rear seat backrest


This post is based on content originally shared in the BenzWorld forums by member KRH.